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Gari of Sushi in the Lincoln District

· Posted Thursday June 15, 2006 by jamie

Yesterday evening, Melissa and I met up with Team Exit133 for dinner at Gari of Sushi on 38th for one of the better sushi dinners I’ve had in recent memory.

First off, we’ll get out of the way that it’s not “Gari’s”. Gari is the pickled ginger served with the sushi. When you say “Gari’s”, people think you’re talking about Gary’s Steak Out… (Right, Derek?)

So anyway, the menu here is absolutely huge, with a lot of specialty rolls in addition to the basic sashimi-on-rice sushi. There were many “locally themed” rolls (Puyallup Roll, Bonney Lake Roll, etc.), so which of these were we to choose? We went for the Tacoma Roll and the Spanaway Roll. (Couldn’t resist the latter of the two. And no, it didn’t have meth in it.) In addition to a few other tasty rolls (veggie, etc.), we got the Nixon Roll, with barbecued eel. I’m assuming there is a joke in there somewhere, with the eel and Nixon, but I don’t know what it is. Suffice to say it was tasty. The basic sashimi-on-rice sushi contained large, fresh pieces of fish, so we were definitely satisfied with those.

The atmosphere was great. This was a surprise because the outside of the building is painted red and yellow. But the inside of the restaurant employed understated earth-tones, and the large room was tastefully divided by hanging decorative bamboo mats. The Japanese karaoke bar area in the back half of the building is another story, but there was no sound bleed-over so it could be ignored…

Good company and good food. We’ll definitely be back to Gari in the future!

Gari of Sushi is at 1209 S 38th St

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  1. Ooo… Thanks for the tip! I’m sure my wife will be excited to have more local sushi options. Can’t wait for the sushi place to open up in the Marriot building on Pac. and 15th. Mmm…

    KevinFreitas    Jun 15, 09:14 AM    #
  2. I didn’t know about a place in the Marriott building opening up…but I have heard about the place behind the grassy knoll above Pacific Plaza/Square/Triangle/Tollefson/whatever (in the same cool old building as the art supply store that will be opening soon).

    Are there going to be 3 downtown sushi places? That would be impressive…

    jamie    Jun 15, 09:34 AM    #
  3. From one of the TNT Blogs:
    Sake to me
    Posted by Ed Murrieta @ 04:06:43 pm
    Construction in the Carlton building (named after a Tacoma brewer’s son, at 1552 Jefferson St.) brings a Japanese restaurant and sake bar to downtown Tacoma.

    TwoKoi calls itself “a cross between upscale and polished casual.” The menu will be “more than just sushi.”

    “A great sake collection” is promised.

    Opening is targeted for mid-July.

    — Jake    Jun 17, 10:09 PM    #
  4. Gari knocks the socks off any Tacoma Sushi restaurant! I’ve been to them all and have given each more than one chance to win my snobby taste. Kabuki on South Tacoma Way used to be my favorite until I kept getting frozen sashimi time after time. Frustrating because I don’t pay that kind of money to eat frostbite. Anywho… TwoKoi, I was definetly not impressed with. Their menu was limited and when I ordered what I thought would be a salmon roll I ended up getting what I felt as cheated by paying 6.99 for a “tiny roll”. I could’ve gone to Gari’s for more and better quality. Gari reigns top and I love my Mina (usual waitress). Now go get yourself a “Sarah roll”. Yes, it does exist. If you like albacore :)

    — Sarah    Jan 3, 01:43 PM    #