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thrice all american: about us
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Thrice All American is a web site about many things. First and foremost, it is about Melissa and Jamie. We live in a 1922 bungalow just a couple of blocks off of Sixth Avenue in Tacoma with our two cats, Sammy and Manchester. We have lived in or near Tacoma for years, but are making a concerted effort to continue to get to know our town better and to share its charms with the world. We will also reflect on our jobs, our house, the environment, politics, food, books, music, our cats, and who knows what else.

who are we?
Melissa is an Environmental Planner in local government. Jamie is a Software Engineer.

why “thrice all american”?
“Thrice All American” is a song by Neko Case in which she reflects on Tacoma, the town in which she grew up. The title refers to the fact that Tacoma has been named an All-America City three times. Neko remains sentimental for the unique personality of the city despite the empty buildings and gang activity. Similarly, we love the city despite some of the aspects some might consider ugly, and though Tacoma has come a long way since Neko lived here, we felt that the song was a great depiction of our feelings. (Buy the album.)

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